About classification of Sayumi Michishige in HelloQL

10 Apr 17

Thank you very much for using HelloQL.

Sayumi Michishige has came back on the stage on March 19th 2017 and is now actively conducting performance with new released music.

One thing that will be a focus here is the classification of her newly released music in HelloQL. As a general rule, we have only handled Hello Project's songs so now that she has graduated from it, it should be natural that we won't handle newly released music of her.

However, with the fact that she has strong support from Hello Project's fan and the number of her fan is at the same level as other current members, we believer it is meaningful to classify her newly released music as Hello Project's music.

After above consideration and her passed contribution to Hello Project in mind, we decided to classify her music as Hello Project's music. Her music will be registered to database and will be able to find with search.

Thank you for your comprehension and thank you for using HelloQL.